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A few weeks ago I was contacted by someone who wanted to sell me some domain name backlinks. He sent me a link which claimed that it had the names of some high traffic sites on it. I quickly looked it over and almost fell off my seat.

The domain name in question was com,. There is only one domain name registered in the country. Whoever owns that domain is doing pretty well. In fact the domain itself has been around for quite some time, so whoever is doing the purchasing is not getting an especially good deal. I suppose if I sold ten domain names I would get a decent profit, but not quite as much as if I sold one domain and then bought another and then sold another.

So I went on the internet and did a search for these backlinks. It turns out that there are actually quite a few different ways you can do this. You can pay someone else to do it for you. Or you can just get the software to do it automatically for you.

I quickly discovered that it was much simpler and cheaper to purchase my domain name backlinks from a website builder. All I had to do was input a couple of details into the form and wait a couple of minutes while the software calculated everything for me. It was really easy. Once it had my details and my choice of backlinks it was simple to pick my favourite links and put them in the page itself. Within seconds my backlinks were all appearing in my web pages.

I didn't have to worry about buying backlinks from someone else. They couldn't exactly offer me anything better than what I got from building the software. Plus I got a nice feeling from getting my domain name backlinks just from doing something so simple. I felt good about myself because I had built the tool myself.

But there's one thing that bugged me about this. If I wanted to I could still get all the backlinks that I wanted, without having to sell my domain name. So I kept looking around but didn't find anything that was free. Then I found out that you can buy your backlinks from other websites. Now I had to decide if I wanted to buy my domain name or not.

I decided to get my domain name from eBay and then I would have to get people to visit my auction in order for people to bid on the domain name. Well I didn't think that I could make money with eBay as I didn't know whether or not it would be a good idea. Plus I didn't have any customers yet. The domain name was available so I bidded for it. Unfortunately I was outbid before I could even begin to build the website.

That's when I started to really look into domain names and how I could get them for free. I soon discovered that there were many places where you could get domain names for free. I didn't have to spend any money at all.

Some of these methods included getting your name registered with GoDaddy or similar. You'd fill out an online form, put in your information and your domain name and then upload your files. Then they would process your form and give you an approval link to download your website links. These links are what you'll use to send traffic back to your main website.

Another way would be to write articles and then syndicate them all over the internet. You write an article about your topic and put it in a syndication feed. There are a few different services that you can do this with. However each of these methods has its own drawbacks. You would have to submit your name, create articles and feed them to a directory.

So after a lot of research and looking around I was able to come up with a method that was free that helped me gain backlinks fast. It allowed me to gain backlinks even while using my primary domain name. This was a great choice because it allowed me to keep my name as my main web address and not lose any valuable name space.